The Clarisonic Mia skincare brush is a smaller version of the Clarisonic Classic brush. This particular skin clarisonic mia 2 cleaning device was invented by the same people that brought you the Sonicare toothbrushes and it uses sonic technology which in turn produces 300 movements per second for it to thoroughly clean, smooth and soften your skin. The Clarisonic skincare system is a deep cleansing treatment that's delicate enough to be utilized on a daily basis and the Clarisonic brush basically takes the cleansing to a new level by reaching much deeper into the skin pores and at the same time stimulating them, which in turn causes your skin to soak up your skincare products more effective. It furthermore gets rid of dry skin clarisonic mia 2 so that your skin feels extremely soft.

So if you normally are using a regular washcloth with facial cleanser to wash you face, you might want to consider this considerably more effective cleaning system instead.

In comparison to the Clarisonic Classic brush, the Clarisonic Mia could be considered its "little sister". clarisonic mia 2 It comes with every one of the excellent features of the Classic, but in a brand new, more compact size. It's the ideal compact cleansing system to be used at home or while traveling. It suits your active way of life for gorgeous, glowing skin.

The main difference other than the size, would be that the Clarisonic features only 1 speed as opposed to the Classic's 2 speeds. Still, it's an outstanding device.